Quality Installation & Maintenance for Irrigation Systems

Installing an irrigation system is one of the few home improvement projects that actually can make your life much easier. Hand watering gardens, flowerbeds, or lawns is not most homeowners’ idea of fun. With help of our experienced irrigation consultants we can turn your yard into the one you’ve been dreaming about.

Lawn irrigation has proven to be a reliable, effective and economical alternative  for keeping lawns green, landscaping healthy and gardens flourishing. Whether you need new installation or your current system is in need of upgrading, repairs or general maintenance, Mower Man has got you covered.

Irrigation Services

From sprinkler system maintenance and lawn sprinkler maintenance, to tune-ups and repairs, we offer a wide variety of irrigation services to help get your lawn back to being healthy and green.

    • Spring Activation: We activate your irrigation system and provide sprinkler system maintenance as we get your irrigation system ready for spring.

    • Backflow-Preventer Testing: We’ll perform this annually required test to ensure that it’s working properly to maximize your savings

    • Mid-Season Tune-Up: We’ll fine-tune and make adjustments to your controller and sprinkler heads to properly and efficiently water your lawn during this peak usage times.

    • Fall Winterization: We prep and protect all irrigation system components for the long, cold winter and guarantee against freeze damage.

    • System Repairs: We have years of experience and are well equipped to service all kinds of repairs, no matter the brand.

    • Emergency Service: If you should need lawn sprinkler maintenance ASAP, we’ll send a technician right away to fix the problem.

    • Service Contracts: Be confident that the irrigation services you’re paying for are exactly what you’re getting

Guaranteed “Mower Man” Quality & Service

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